Friday, 25 June 2010

Digital Warehouse, and too much Dr Pepper

Oxford eBooks own Digital Warehouse is coming along very nicely!
I've been burning the candle at both ends working on the coding for the system as well as the other day to day stuff.

All that late-night programming kind of takes me back to the pioneering days of games programming in the 80's - inspired by the new Soma FM 'Underground 80's' web radio channel (Loads of Kraftwerk, Yaz, Yello, Depeche Mode).

OE's Digital Warehouse will let publishers and Authors sell their products using their own Payment portal, so you keep ALL your revenue. The DW system handles the secure delivery of your content and download tracking. Selling content can be as simple now as putting a PayPal link up on your site.

I've talked with SO many people who have been through (or been put off by) the PAIN of setting up with aggregators (I know, I've been through the pain myself). Some of them are really good, but you still have to wait FIVE MONTHS before you get your money. Our Digital Warehouse doesn't handle any of your money at all to paraphrase a famous video game... "ALL YOUR SALES ARE BELONG TO YOU...".

A sneeky peek of DW in development... mmmm, graphs!!

If you want to be involved in the fully functional Beta Programme later this summer and get a FREE sign-up while I bash out the last of the bugs, then get in touch - drop by at for contact details.

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