Monday, 29 March 2010

# We make any EBOOK DOT COM #

Sorry, but I' just CAN'T get that stupid advert out of my head.
I'm a little jazzed on a mixture of coffee and VBA. The new arm of sci-fi-cafe's website goes live today after a hard week's coding and some very exciting talks with some lovely people who want us to make their eBooks for them.

Obviously, making eBooks is what's all about but we've turned up the gas and now have the capacity to sell our services to the world.

If you're a publisher or even a lone author wanting to get a fast and HIGH QUALITY product then enter the eBooks portal on the main site at and read all about it.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Up and blogging!

Well it's taken about five years but I've finally gotten around to embedding a blog in the main page. Saves having to go write stuff directly in the editorial HTML :)

I've been busy setting up a brand new eBook conversion service - hopefully that'll go live this week. Details to be published very soon.